St. Clair Class of 1989

Missing Persons!

Here is a list of names in no particular order for which we do not have addresses.  If you can help us out... with any of them please send the info with your RSVP or click here to submit your information along with any other questions you may have.  Your help is appreciated!


Linda York

Scott Schumacher

Teresa Searcy

Maureen Short

Julie Smith

Pam SPeck

Melissa Sprague

Teresa Stripgen

Amy Tauchert

Stacy Vaughn

Linda Walter

Gordon Wentz

Tammy Weidner

Tyrone Williams

Laurie Liggitt

John Lucas

Pat McCormack

Sherri McDaniel

Kevin Miller

Heather Nash

Lori Paul

Kathy Perkins

Joe Phillips

Mark Pope

Doris Reynolds

Gigi Robertson

Steve Schlitt

Heather Dotson

Angie Downey

Tammy Drewel

Rita Dunn

Dina Gaines

Marilyn Hauther

Scott Henke

James Holt

Hope Johnson

Cherie Kane

Jim Kimball

Mike Kufskie

Eric LaRue

Clay Adkins

Davi Ashbaugh

Steve Banderman

Benji Barrow

Carla Bay

Johna Bever

Susan Bowman

Ricky Butler

Bobby Butts

Vicky Cox

Trisia Crecelius

Sherry Davis

Willie DeClue